The following list is a sampling of websites that provide online videos and VLOG’s in sign language and/or captions on a regular basis. Silent Network supports Deaf and Hard of Hearing television, film, and video producers everywhere and appreciates their hard-working efforts in serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.


The Deaf Professional Arts Network’s website, DPAN.TV, presents news and videos in American Sign Language with voice-overs and captions.

The Daily Moth‘s website delivers video news in American Sign Language and covers trending stories and Deaf topics with a twist of humor and Deaf culture.

All of H3 World TV‘s programs and news reports are presented in International Sign on this website.

See Hear is a monthly broadcast television magazine program in the United Kingdom that airs on the BBC. It focuses on the British and the worldwide deaf community and covers a broad range of topics such as education, deaf people’s rights, technology and language. The program is in British Sign Language (BSL) with voice-overs and English subtitles.

DawnSignPress creates, develops, and publishes quality American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf culture-related DVDs and books and provides online videos for viewers’ benefit.

Angry Deaf People Productions was founded as a response to the constant cultural appropriation of Deaf people in the film industry. Its ultimate mission is to build a safe space for Deaf filmmakers to tell their stories… and to put an end to the casting of hearing actors in Deaf roles.

An adventure travel blog hosted by Deaf traveler, Calvin Young, featuring stories, travel tips, photography, and videos from around the world.

The producers of this website searches the Internet for videos to select for interpretation into various sign languages.

The DVC Christian Television Network‘s website presents religious videos that are in sign language for viewing by deaf people.

Sign1News‘ website offers online news and information in American Sign Language.

Deaf Newspaper‘s website provides news and VLOG’s in American Sign Language.