ASL CAFE Premieres on Access Community at AccessNetwork.tv ASL Café presents various performers, stand-up comedians and storytellers live on stage at a nightclub, which are recorded for the benefit of viewers. ASL
By : Admin | Dec 12, 2018

Access Network

Silent Network can be found on Roku players, Roku televisions, and its mobile network at AccessNetwork.tv! This network has the mission of providing accessible television programming for everyone. It is Deaf and Hard of
By : Admin | Nov 27, 2018

Silent Network Studio

The Silent Network studio is at the historical Palace Theatre in Seguin, Texas. This art deco style theater, which was built in the late forties, has 2 screens available with 35mm platter
By : Admin | Aug 16, 2018

Preserving Deaf Television and Film History

The Silent Network, the nation’s first national Deaf/Hard of Hearing television network, which started in 1979, has been hard at work on its major preservation efforts of thousands of hours of past
By : Admin | May 9, 2018
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