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Silent Network is a unique programming service that is fully accessible to deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing audiences. All programming is in sign language, open captions without the need for a caption decoder, and full sound. The following series are classic programs that have been digitally remastered for the benefit of 21st Century audiences. Newly produced programs are also listed.



HEAR DOG is an entertaining and educational series that will provide all the information needed about dog obedience training. Deaf actor and host Dean Sheridan will also introduce you to the fascinating world of “Hearing Ear Dogs,” and how to train your own pet to be an important companion. You will also learn tips on proper health care and grooming and enjoy heartwarming stories of man’s best friend.


Created, written and hosted by well-known Hollywood dog trainer Ted Baer and co-hosted by Linda Bove of SESAME STREET fame, this series is about what affects a dog’s life. Well presented are tips, information, and helpful suggestions to make your dog’s life healthy, happy and safe. Each program also includes an obedience training segment that teaches hand signals to train a dog, how to teach impressive tricks and basic obedience and good behavior. Also featured in the series is Tundra, the Wonder Dog, who is a performing dog, seen in many commercials, TV shows and movies.


This entertaining and informative series celebrates man’s best friend in yet another capacity, as the dog that works for a living in a partnership with man. Programs are devoted to pack dogs, military dogs, rescue dogs, performing dogs, and the like. All are a positive and necessary part of the world in which we live. Deaf actress Bobbie Beth Scoggins serves as the host of the series.


Everything you always wanted to know about cats can be found in this informative and entertaining series hosted by Deaf actress Roxy Baker and her interpreter Kathryn Deal. Deaf veterinarian Stan Kunin presents important information about maintenance, grooming and health care for your precious feline companions. Also included are interesting stories about cats of all sizes and shapes, including lions and tigers! This series is a must-see for cat lovers everywhere.


Herb Larson, known as the Deaf Johnny Carson, and Lou Fant, a widely respected sign language interpreter, interview a variety of guests including business leaders and Hollywood celebrities in this entertaining classic Emmy-winning talk show produced in Hollywood.


Pam Larson, the hearing daughter of deaf parents, puts you through the paces in this comprehensive exercise and aerobics program. Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing viewers can become fit, energized, invigorated, and entertained as Pam helps you become healthier.


This is an open and articulate series that captures the interest of today’s adolescents and teenagers as it explores their universal problems such as puberty, venereal disease, drugs, lifestyles and relationships. The discussions are vital to helping adolescents and teenagers make it through this frequently puzzling, and always difficult, time of their lives. Adults and young people alike learn from deaf actors Julianne Gold and Kevin Mills who are joined by health instructor Amy Reichbach in dealing with these matters in an honest and forthright manner. The language is frank. Viewer discretion is advised.


This showcase series presents various short films and special television programs of interest to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.


Hosted by David H. Pierce, this series takes viewers to various locations around the world and explores the history about each through archival photographs, artwork, and motion picture films.


This is an Emmy-winning television magazine series hosted by Gil Eastman and Mary Lou Novitsky. This series provides interesting and important insights into Deaf history and culture and features stories around the country and the world.


This popular series features in-depth dialogue with special guests from the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community about various topics and issues.